We are looking for servant-leaders, collaborators, and co-learners who are passionate about working with young children. Do you have what it takes?




We are looking for fun, creative, and professional preschool and grade school teachers.


Educational Qualifications:


  • Must have obtained any of the following degrees, or its equivalent:

- Bachelor in Early Childhood Education

- Bachelor of Science in Preschool Education

- Bachelor in Elementary Education

- Other degree courses and/with at least 18 units in Early Childhood Education


  • Must be fluent in English (written and oral)


  • Willing to work in Pasig City, Philippines


Who is an aspiring teacher?


An aspiring teacher has the following characteristics – lifelong learner, servant-leader, researcher, and relational communicator.


  • As a lifelong learner, the teacher is intrinsically motivated to continuously learn new things both for personal and professional growth. He is also a facilitator and co-participant of children’s learning.


  • As a servant-leader, he carefully prepares and maintains the learning materials and the environment. He guides in the form of instruction, consistent structure, and appropriate encouragement. He is a good role model of virtues in the class. He is committed to igniting children's learning and imagination by creating a genuine inner enthusiasm for learning.


  • As a researcher, he pays very close attention to children's ideas, hypotheses and theories. He documents what he observes by making notes, or audio-visual recordings. He carefully observes each child's development through regular assessment. He is reflective; he discusses, processes, and compares observations with his co-teachers.


  • As a relational communicator, he establishes and maintains a harmonious relationship with and among children. He collaborates and cooperates with co-teachers, parents, caregivers and school officials.


Our Commitment


  • Contribute both in your personal and professional development.


  • Provide you with the resources you need to do your job effectively.


  • Provide you with transparent and frequent communication.


  • Hold you accountable for clearly-defined high-performance standards.


The LeaderXerv Internship Program of Studentdesk Integrated Montessori School  (SDIMS) offers both challenging and professionally rewarding experience to students — be it in teaching, marketing, arts, finance or management. We invite you to come join us and experience the connection between your classroom and the corporate world.


The main purpose of our internship program is to prepare you to become an excellent servant leader by providing you opportunities to work with our dynamic and professional team. As an intern, you will be assigned a LeaderXerv Coordinator who shall give you an ongoing mentorship and help you identify professional development opportunities. You are also expected to participate in various programs run by the school to ensure you have a productive experience at SDIMS.




The LeaderXerv Internship Program is open to all college / university students who intend to experience our holistic approach to servant leadership.


Prior to registering for a LeaderXerv Internship Program, students must fulfil all of the following requirements:


  • Endorsement /Recommendation Letter from the student’s internship adviser


  • Updated curriculum vitae


  • Copy of current official study load


  • Passed the screening process to be conducted by SDIMS staff


  • Signed waiver (to be provided by SDIMS)


  • Signed Memorandum of Agreement


  • Evaluation Form




  1. Submit your updated curriculum vitae along with your adviser’s endorsement /recommendation letter. You may send it to or hand it over to any of our Admin Officers.

  2. Attend our interview screening process.

  3. If you passed the screening process, you will be asked to submit all the required eligibility documents prior to start day of internship duty.