What is a Virtual Ceremony?

FAQs #1

A day of celebration of students' achievements for the entire school year as well as the accomplishment of parents, faculty, staff, and management as a whole.

A Virtual Ceremony would serve as our Moving Up Ceremony for School Year 2019-2020. Since we will no longer have actual graduation and moving up ceremonies based on the direction of DepEd Secretary, Leonora Briones.

Do we need internet access to view the Virtual Ceremony?

FAQs #3

Yes, please make sure to have a stable internet connection so that you can watch the moving up video seamlessly.

What is the exact time of Virtual Ceremony for my child?

FAQs #5

For the schedule, please click the Preschool and Grade School button on the menu bar.

Can we invite our relatives to join / witness the Virtual Ceremony?

FAQs #7


Is there a dresscode required?

FAQs #9

There won’t be a dress code required but it would be best to watch in a semi-formal attire. You may post your pictures during our Virtual Ceremony using the hashtag #SDIMSVirtualMovingUp2020

How can we join in the Virtual Ceremony?

FAQs #2

You may join our Virtual Ceremony through this website. No registration is required. Anyone who has access to internet may join the Virtual Ceremony.

What application or videoconferencing are we going to use?

FAQs #4

We will be using Youtube video streaming.

How many can join from our family?

FAQs #6

Once the video is available on youtube, you could share the link to your family members and watch it together. 

What do we need to prepare prior to Virtual Ceremony?

FAQs #8

Please prepare a device where you would be watching the Moving Up Ceremony from, it could be from a phone, Laptop, or Tablet. Alternatively, it could be projected/ streamed in a TV Screen/ Monitor for you to be able to watch as a family.

What happens if we missed the Virtual Ceremony? Is there a way for us to watch the replay?

FAQs #10

Yes, all the schedules posted are just the premiere screening times. You may watch the replay anytime and anywhere.

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