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Global Changemakers Program

We believe that if we are to build a better future for all, we need to start where we are, right now while we still can. We are joining forces with our teachers, administrators, students, parents, communities, local and international organizations to champion a better and sustainable future for our children and the generation to come.

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As an educational institution, we recognize our vital role in preparing the next generation of leaders and nation builders to contribute positively to the social, environmental, and economic development of our communities. Since 2018, our school has been actively promoting and taking small steps towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This current global pandemic has intensified our determination to participate in achieving the SDGs by continuously developing "lifelong learners" who are resilient, responsible citizens, innovative, adaptive, and active participants of the world they live in.


What is the Global Changemakers Program?


It is a special program that aims to teach young children about the Global Goals so that they can contribute to a better future for all. Through this program, they will develop the values of sustainability and learn how to better take care of our people and the planet.

This program is FREE and open to all the students of Studentdesk Integrated Montessori School.

What are the Global Goals for

Sustainable Development?

In July 2015, Member States reached a final agreement on the Global Goals. The aim of this agreement is to commit efforts towards ensuring that people around the world live better, without damaging the planet. 


How will the program be implemented in class?


Using the World's Largest Lesson and other resources, our teachers will integrate the concepts of Global Goals in their lessons. The World's Largest Lesson was developed by UNICEF and UNESCO and is used by millions of children, educators, and parents around the world. Since 2015 the World’s Largest Lesson has brought the Global Goals to children all over the world. In 2019 they reached 17.9 million children located in over 160 countries.

Role of the Teachers

Our teachers will facilitate various fun and flexible activities to help students explore big ideas like peace, home, community, and nature in simple ways. In the process, they will develop characteristics such as empathy, curiosity, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication, among others. Above all, these activities aim to inspire a hopeful, positive outlook on our world and encourage children to make a positive contribution to their community.


All our teachers and staff have been equipped and empowered by the Microsoft Education Center to teach the Global Goals.

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Role of the Parents

We need everyone on board to make this program a success, especially the support of the parents. The parents would need to also be aware of the cause as they would also drive the interest of the students. Furthermore, their engagement and involvement in the program would also determine the success of the program as the children would learn best when they get to practice the things they learned both in school and at home. 

Monthly Global Changemakers Festival

Every month, our students will gather virtually to celebrate their learning and involvement in achieving the Global Goals. There will be sharing of activities and projects completed to inspire one another to work together for a common goal.


We will also partner with sustainable local businesses, and invite notable speakers and leaders to teach and encourage our students to continually pursue the Global Goals.


Our students will also partake in a global campaign involving children around the world through our project partnership with Montessori Everywhere.

Art Fun
Global Goals

Rewards and Recognition

Throughout the program, our students could earn badges and certificates in recognition of their achievements and active involvement in learning the Global Goals.


Everyone can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. You can start by spreading the word about the Global Changemakers Program or the Global Goals' free resources below. 

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