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Our little explorers had a mixture of thrill, excitement, and fun!

Our little explorers had a mixture of thrill, excitement, and fun as they immersed into the incredible life of animals on land and underwater! They learned about the fascinating creatures that roam the earth, the enchanting marine life beneath the waves, and the interconnectedness of our ecosystems. Most importantly, they learned how to take care of our planet so the animals can thrive within their habitats.

WANT TO JOIN OUR CLASS? Is your child starting kindergarten this school year! Our “Passport to Kindergarten” program is the perfect way to prepare your child for the exciting world of kindergarten. With our caring teachers and holistic approach to education, your child will embark on a journey of discovery and exploration through hands-on, engaging, and fun activities. Join us on this adventure and give your child the tools they need to thrive in kindergarten and beyond!

Click the link below to register. Limited slots only.

Location: Jenny's Ave., Rosario, Pasig City ______ ABOUT OUR SCHOOL A safe and happy community for your child's holistic growth and development. A small school with big dreams for the next generation of leaders and nation builders.

ENROLL NOW! Visit for details on enrollment process, requirements, and tuition fee.

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