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The primary goal of our academic programs is to foster lifelong learning among our students by building their capacity to thrive not only with the demands of the 21st century but also of the future ahead.


At the heart of our curriculum is the fulfillment of each child’s purpose in life and the only way to attain this is by being sensitive to their needs and interests. That is why we subscribe to the balanced or progressive approach to education as it allows us to give emphasis both on what the children learn (product) and how they learn (process).  We strictly adhere to the Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP) in educating young children because we believe that children learn best when educational content and processes are age appropriate, individually appropriate and culturally appropriate.



  • At SDIMS, we believe that children are a gift from the Lord. They are valuable because they are God’s masterpiece.

  • The child is a social being who learns through a system of relationships. He is intrinsically motivated to interact with and contribute to the world.

  • He has an absorbent mind which gives him the capacity to assimilate his surroundings. He is curious and active learner with unlimited potential.

  • He is capable of metacognitive processes which allows him to actively participate in various forms of learning activities.

  • He has a freedom and such freedom must be used to develop his optimum potential.

  • He is unique; he has different needs, personalities, beliefs, and abilities.



  • At SDIMS, children learn by building relationships with others through meaningful dialogues and collaborative work.

  • They are provided with opportunities to express their feelings and ideas. This involves the promotion of higher order thinking through discussion of various concepts and exchange of different opinions and ideas.

  • They learn through fun, safe, and meaningful play.

  • They learn through exploration. they are allowed to actively engage in their physical and social environments. These maintain their interest to know more about the world around them.

  • They are provided with appropriate learning materials and relevant hands-on activities that will allow them to actively engage in creative, problem-based and exploratory activities.



  • SDIMS maintains a positive environment that reinforces joy, harmony, order, love for learning, and passion for excellence. 

  • Our learning environment is designed to meet various stages of development.

  • It is clean and safe for the child equipped with developmentally appropriate materials.

  • It provides a home-like environment to the child. It has an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competition in completing work.

  • It also offers plenty of opportunities for meaningful play.

  • The lessons are aligned to children’s needs and interests. It ignites child’s curiosity and critical thinking skills.

  • It recognizes students’ progress in specific areas and has a strong support for self-efficacy and self-regulation.

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