We are excited to have you join our school community.
We welcome students and families from across the country and the world.

Step 1

Read our Enrollment Primer

Read our Enrollment Primer to ensure that you are applying for the right program for your child. You may choose between Flexible Study Program and Home Study Program.

SD IMS Flexible Study Program Enrollment Primer for School Year 2022 - 2023.png

Flexible Study Program

  • Lessons are prepared & facilitated by SD IMS Teacher/s.

  • Real-time video meeting via Google Meet (secured, premium account).

  • Live chats, discussions, and consultations with SDIMS teacher/s during scheduled daily chat sessions.

  • Full access to learning resources (videos, worksheets, & various activities) via Kindred.

SD IMS Home Study Program Enrollment Primer for School Year 2022 - 2023.png

Home Study Program

  • Parent serves as child’s teacher.

  • Parent prepares lessons, activities, & learning materials.

  • Once a quarter consultation with Academic Advisers.

  • Parent prepares the Grade sheet and Learning Portfolio.

Step 2

Submit Requirements

Submit all application requirements. 

Step 3

Check Status of Application

Check the status of your application.

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Family Affiliate Program

We would like to invite you to join our Family Affiliate Program so we can reward you for your referrals. As an affiliate member, you can get PhP 1,000 e-Cash for every successful enrollee (new student) that you would refer. Please click the photo below on how to participate.