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Welcome to CHAMP!

Where Champions Rise and Talents Shine

We believe that every child has unique talents and abilities just waiting to be unleashed. Our student clubs and enrichment classes are specifically designed to empower children to explore their passions, develop new skills, boost confidence, and bring their exceptional gifts into the spotlight.

Clubs & Classes
Student Clubs & Enrichment Classes
  • STEM Club
    STEM Club
    Kinder to Grade 6
    Welcome to the STEM Club, future scientists, innovators, and engineers! Get ready to build, create, and innovate through exciting experiments, fun projects, and interactive hands-on activities.
  • Math Club
    Math Club
    Grade 1 to Grade 6
    Welcome to the Math Club, where numbers meet fun and excitement! Do you enjoy board games as well as other mind-bending math explorations? In this club, we're all about turning math into a thrilling adventure.
  • Arts Club
    Arts Club
    Kinder to Grade 6
    Welcome to the Arts Club! Engage yourself in process-based projects and experiments with an array of visual art materials, tools, and techniques. So, whether you're a budding artist or just looking to explore your creative side, Arts Club is the best place to let your artistic spirit soar!
  • English Club
    English Club
    Grade 1 to Grade 6
    Welcome to the English Club! Do you have a passion for weaving tales and captivating audiences with your words? Do you aspire to become a master storyteller or a book author someday? Our English Club is all about exploring the magic of storytelling and the art of crafting compelling narratives.
  • Nature Club
    Nature Club
    Kinder to Grade 3
    Welcome to the Nature Club! Our club is all about igniting children's sense of wonder and love of nature through outdoor play, hands-on activities, and guided adventures. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey into the great outdoors.
Club Activities
Exciting Club Activities

Club Officers

Members will have the chance to elect club officers, allowing them to take on leadership positions within the club. These officers will be responsible for helping club moderators in organizing projects and activities.

Guest Speaker

The club may invite guest speakers and subject matter experts to share their insights and experiences with club members. These interactions broaden horizons, inspire curiosity, and provide valuable industry perspectives.

Special Project/s

Club members will have the chance to initiate and execute special projects that will not only reflect the skills they've developed but will also serve as a platform for them to make a meaningful impact within our school community.

Community Engagement

One of the primary objectives of our student clubs is to cultivate socially responsible citizens. Our club members will actively participate in community service initiatives, applying their club's focus to make a positive difference.

Mini Field Trip

To enrich their understanding, members may conduct a mini field trip to a site related to their club's focus. This hands-on experience will deepen their knowledge and provide real-world context for what they've learned.


To celebrate their accomplishments and hard work throughout the year, we will host a culminating activity. It's a time for students, parents, and school staff to come together and celebrate the dedication and enthusiasm of our club members.

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