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Understanding the Different Learning Delivery Modes

We are currently offering HyFlex Learning Modality which would gradually transition full Face-to-face Learning as mandated by the Department of Education.


Implementation of Face-to-Face Classes

According to DepEd Order No. 34, Series of 2022, all public and private schools in the country shall transition to five-day face-to-face classes by November 2022.

As always, we will comply with the government directives and work in the best interest of all the members of our school community.


Standard Class Size for Face-to-face classes

We will continue to maintain appropriate group sizes and teacher to children ratios (smaller class size for younger group) to ensure that nobody in the class will be left behind. 

This allows teachers to devote more time to each child for one-on-one conversations, engagement on activities, observation of child’s interests, and assessment of progress and delays. As a result, teachers are able to develop lesson plans that respond to individual children’s learning styles, needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

Sample Classroom Schedule

Arrival, breaks, and dismissal time are staggered to avoid crowding of learners in the school premises.

Schedule for face-to-face classes may change depending on the COVID-19 alert level as declared by the government. In the event of COVID-19 resurgence, all classes will be held online until it is safe for everyone to return to face-to-face classes.

Parents will be notified ahead of time in case there will be changes in the schedule.

Learning Management Systems

Functions expected of the learning device:

  • connecting to the internet to access websites or search for information/data
    joining a video call and online discussion (camera, microphone)

  • taking photos and videos (camera)

  • creating documents and presentations

  • recording audio file

  • editing photos

  • editing videos

  • recording screens

  • access and use G Suite or Google Apps (ex. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Drive)

  • Upload classwork in photo or video form through Google Form/Google Classroom.

Assessment of Learning and Development

While learners may have different learning modality, they follow the same curriculum, they are expected to meet the same learning competencies and standards prescribed by the Department of Education. As such they will take the same assessments measuring the same skills, knowledge and understanding, with some provisions for variations in terms of delivery.

Learners are expected to be proactive in updating their teacher of their situation, progress and challenges encountered. They will be asked to upload their written works and projects in Google Form / Classroom. Our expectation, and that of the Department of Education, is that learners, with the support of their parents, will do their best to complete all assigned tasks according to set deadline..



Parents and guardians play a crucial role in guiding their children in adapting to the changes of distance learning processes. They are expected to read and respond accordingly to all communications sent by the teachers and the school regarding the needs and status of their child. They are also expected to monitor their child’s compliance with the different tasks assigned by the teacher by regularly checking our official Task Tracker. Parents and guardians are encouraged to regularly communicate with the teacher to give updates on their child’s situation, progress, and challenges encountered. 
In addition, the value of academic integrity will be consistently promoted across the different subjects to deter acts of dishonesty. There will also be strict sanctions for cheating offenses.

Specific plans, tools, and processes for the assessment, evaluation, and reporting of learner’s progress will be discussed during our Annual Parent Orientation Program.

School Uniform

Wearing of our official school uniform is required for all students. This is crucial in helping school authorities easily identify the students on campus. 

The usual PE uniform shall be worn on the PE day.

Please be informed that the SD IMS P.E. Uniform is not included in the assessment of fees. Fees will be applied accordingly.

Please wait for a further announcement on how to order your child’s school uniforms.



Watch the Health and Safety Protocols Video

Health, Safety, and Resurgence Protocols

Student Health and Safety Kit

Each student who will be attending face-to-face classes would need to have the following items in their Health and Safety Kit. The following kits shall be provided by the parents as these are not covered in the miscellaneous fees.

COVID-19 Management Strategies & Protocols

The school has developed comprehensive management strategies and protocols to prevent, detect, and isolate/treat COVID-19 infections including contract tracing and health referral systems. The following are some of the strategies and protocols we will be implementing:

  • Conduct of hand hygiene and temperature checks using a thermal  scanner prior to entering the school.

  • Prioritization of non-face-to-face communications and coordination  through available platforms and discouragement of entrance of school visitors and other external stakeholders.

  • Conduct of daily rapid health checks in the classroom 

  • Conduct of necessary disinfection activities especially in the areas of the school frequented by personnel or learners that tested positive.

  • Availability of surgical face masks and school clinic for further  assessment of anyone who will show symptoms of COVID-19 

  • Establishment/setting-up/refurbishment of a school clinic to provide  basic health services to all school-goers.        

Contingency Plan for School Lockdown

We have prepared a Contingency Plan in case of COVID-19 resurgence. In the event of a school lockdown, our school is ready to provide fully remote instruction and services to all students. Specific schedules and additional details will be provided at that time.

School Bus

Studentdesk Integrated Montessori School  has convenient school bus transportation. For more information, please contact Gzifah Transport:

Contact Person:
Mrs. Grazie Dimaiyacan
Contact Number: 09499901988



Communication is key to develop and sustain the effective and trusted relationship between students, teachers and parents/caregivers, most especially in  times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. As always, our teachers and school personnel are here for you and your child. We want this to be an easy and smooth transition for everyone. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns. You may email for assistance and support. Rest assured that your email will be forwarded to the office or person concerned.


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