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Kids Summer Class 2022

Updated: Jun 15, 2022


Summer break is finally here! Join the fun at our Kids Summer Class 2022 which has everything under the sun: fun and engaging educational activities, creativity and innovation projects, hands-on experiences, brain boosters, and so much more. We have programs for children ages 5 to12 years old that will surely make their summer break meaningful and memorable.

📌 Limited slots only.

📌 Register until June 17, 2022 and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

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​Kids Summer Class


​Immerse your child into the exciting world of Kindergarten! This program is filled with fun and engaging summertime activities designed for students who will be entering kindergarten this coming school year. Attending this program would be very helpful for students who may need a little extra support before officially beginning kindergarten and also a great way to reinforce skills for all students who are beginning their academic journey.

​Activate your child's entrepreneurial mindset. The Kiddiepreneur Boot Camp will give students a hands-on experience on what it's like to be an entrepreneur as they research product or service ideas, identify a specific market, and use individual creativity to create a simple business plan, design a logo for their business, as well as a digital tool for marketing purposes.

​We believe that children should be given the opportunity to become more adept in navigating this technology-driven era. In this program, students will be introduced to programming in Scratch in a fun and creative way. They will be exposed to Scratch interface as well as key terms. Students will conduct experiments with basic instructions and sequences in Scratch and learn to use Motion and Look commands.

​Summer vacation is a perfect opportunity for your child to discover new artistic passions, develop creativity, and enjoy the summer break alongside his / her peers. The Young Artist Boot Camp focuses on essential art concepts, studying famous artists, learning various artistic techniques, and exploring different media.

​Give your child a head start as he / she moves up to the next grade level. This program offers intensive advanced lessons in Math, Science, and English. Students will surely enjoy the lessons and welcome the next school year with confidence.

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