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National Reading Month - Guest Storyteller - Alexine Parreno

Our storyteller for today is Mommy Alexine Parreno. She and her 11 year old daughter Adriana own an online bookshop called Pumplepie Books & Happiness. They take pride in exclusively carrying Filipino children's books which she and Adriana carefully curate. Pumplepie hopes to inspire generations of Proud Pinoys through books. They've been in the business for over 5 years and have shared books & happiness with thousands of Filipino families around the world. A proud Ilongga, Alexine is a graduate of the University of the Philippines Manila and prior to children's books, she thrived in the equally colorful worlds of public relations and hotel & resort management. Her favorite "work" is reading stories to Adriana and for children like you. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this beautiful tale!


We also invited publishing companies to sell their books online available for sale from November 24 to December 10.

Let us support them by purchasing at least one (1) book of their choice.

This is also an opportunity to teach our child/ren the value of investing on quality books. Prices of the books start at PhP 150.


2. Check the items you want to purchase online .

3. Complete the contact and delivery details.

Important: Don't forget to type the name of our school on the company name field of the order form.

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