Additional Precautionary Measures

As an addition to our existing precautionary measures, we strongly discourage everyone from taking personal trips to countries that have confirmed cases of COVID-19, based on the latest advisories from the Department of Health (DOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

And to emphasize our previous reminders and health advisories, we continue to recommend the following:

  1. Students/Personnel who have symptoms of respiratory illness are advised to stay home and consult their private physicians.

  2. Students/Personnel with or without symptoms of respiratory illness but with history of travel to countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the past two weeks are required to self-quarantine.

  3. Students/Personnel with no history of travel but have been in close contact with persons who have travelled within the past two weeks to countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19 and are exhibiting respiratory illness symptoms are required to self-quarantine.

  4. Students/Personnel who have no symptoms but have been in close contact with a person determined to be a confirmed COVID-19 patient or with persons who have been in close contact with the confirmed COVID-19 patient within the past two days from the time of diagnosis are required to self-quarantine.

  5. All students, personnel, and guests are strongly encouraged to continue taking sensible health precautions and maintain good hygiene practices: wash hands frequently, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and wear a mask, if with fever, cough, and colds.

  6. All students, personnel, and guests are strongly encouraged to avoid public places including malls, markets, and shopping centers.

NOTE: For those required to self-quarantine, length of self-quarantine will be for 14 days at home and we advise you to immediately call the DOH Hotline (02)8-651-7800 local 1149-1150 for appropriate quarantine and medical advice.

We enjoin everyone to avoid crowded places, continue taking sensible health precautions, stay calm, remain vigilant and be updated on the latest information on COVID-19.

Stay safe and healthy!

All the Best,


Program Director


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