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Are you good at following directions?

Are you good at following directions? Learning how to follow directions is an essential skill that can contribute to one's success, not only in school but in all aspects of life as a whole. This involves active listening, understanding instructions, seeking clarification if needed, and maintaining a positive attitude at all times. These incoming first graders learned all these in our session plus a fun and hands-on activity about Noun.

WANT TO JOIN OUR CLASS? Is your child entering Grade 1 this school year 2023 - 2024?We're here to give your child the best head start for first grade and make the transition a breeze!

Facilitated by our caring and experienced teachers, this program focuses on reinforcing foundational skills in Math, English, and Filipino to ensure a seamless academic progression from kindergarten to Grade 1.

Register now while slots are available. Click this link for details:

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