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PROUD MOMENT: A huge round of applause for our Academic Olympics team!

PROUD MOMENT: A huge round of applause for our Academic Olympics team!

We are incredibly proud to announce that their hard work and dedication paid off, securing an impressive 7th place (lower elementary team) and 8th place (upper elementary team) finish out of 24 schools that competed.   

While their placement is a fantastic accomplishment, we want to emphasize the true value of participation: the courage to take on the challenge, the diligence in their studies, the teamwork they displayed, and the perseverance throughout the competition.

These are qualities we truly admire, and they will undoubtedly serve them well in their future endeavors.

Special thanks and congratulations to their coaches, Teacher Ann and Teacher Ryan, as well as their teachers who helped prepare them for the competition, their families, the school administrators, and the whole school community for their support.

School Location: Jenny's Ave. Rosario, Pasig



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