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[ Enrollment Ongoing ] Combat Karate Aikido Training - Enrollment Ongoing


Send us a message or click the link below for enrollment details:

About the Instructor:

Sensei Victor Alterado

National Invitational Individual Open Karate Kumite Champion, Gold Medalist in Karate Kata Competition, RP Team Member, Teaching for Almost 35 Years Not Only In The NCR but also as far as Quezon Province Likewise in Mindanao.

About the Program:

OKINAWAN SHORIN-RYU, is a scientific method of self-defense, a combination of COMBAT KARATE AIKIDO which was originally developed and practiced on the island of Okinawa, Japan. It is considered an ancient art of self-defense brought to life in Okinawan Karate, a technique which combines agility, balance and coordination, using the most advanced methods originating from the said island, and spread throughout the whole nation of Japan and eventually to the whole world.

The most pronounced effect to the practitioner of the Okinawan Karate is a continued renewal of strength body, mind and spirit, leading to a wholesome discipline. The ancients believe it to be a “gift of life”.

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