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Communication for a Connected School Community

23 February 2024

Dear Studentdesk Integrated Montessori Community!

Congratulations on completing a successful second quarter! Your children and families have demonstrated incredible hard work and dedication throughout the past months. Now, as we embark on the final stretch of the academic year, let's keep this positive momentum going by fostering open and respectful communication, particularly when it comes to concerns and feedback.

We have discussed this during our annual parent orientation and today, we want to offer a friendly reminder and share some additional insights, keeping in mind the most important people at the heart of it all: our children.

Choosing the Right Channel is Key

  • Got a quick question about your child's day? Chat with their teacher! They're the experts on classroom happenings and can give you the latest scoop.

  • Want to deep dive into your child's progress? Scheduled parent-teacher conferences are your friend! These dedicated meetings allow for focused discussions and collaboration.

  • Got concerns about another student? Let's team up with the teacher or administrative staff to find a solution instead of directly addressing the other student or family. Our school staff is equipped to handle student concerns in accordance with the Child Protection Policy.

  • Have a broader school-related concern? Our friendly administrative staff is here to help! They're superheroes when it comes to navigating school concerns. You may also use your online Family Feedback Form where you can share your valuable thoughts & concerns, helping us build an even stronger school community - just like our guiding vision: #StrongerTogether!

Privacy Matters!

Our students deserve to feel safe and secure in their learning journey. That means keeping their personal matters and school experiences confidential. 

If your child or their peers are involved in an incident, please keep their personal information confidential. Share it only with those who have a legitimate need to know for the purposes of investigation and resolution, such as teachers, administrators, or school leaders.

Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), incorporated into Philippine law through Republic Act 7610, guarantees the right of every child to privacy.

Communication for a Connected Community

By working together and using the right channels, we can create a supportive and respectful environment where every student thrives. Remember, we're all on the same team, cheering for our kids' success!

Thanks for being awesome partners in education. Let's keep the learning fun and positive!


Ms. Sarah Alberto - Tordesillas

Program Director

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