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End-of-School-Year Important Reminders

A. Registration Requirements

  • Upon arrival, proceed to the registration area and claim the following:

    • Ribbon for parents and students

    • Wrist Band for Visitors and Guests

B. Event Schedule

  • Date : Monday, June 19, 2023

  • Registration starts at 2:15 PM

  • Ceremony Time : 3PM (start) - 6PM (end)

  • Venue : Tanghalang Pasigueño Main Hall, Caruncho Ave., Pasig City (near Pasig City Hall)

C. Attendance & Punctuality

  • Registration will open at exactly 2:15 PM and the program will start at exactly 3PM.

  • Come on time. We will not wait for late comers. Your child should come to the venue already wearing his/her assigned dress code. Click Here:

  • Kindly allot enough time for traffic, travel time, and parking, etc.

  • Cooperate with our ushers and the entire production team.

  • Be participative in cheering for our students especially when the hosts ask for it.

D. Safety & Security Rules

  • We still encourage everyone to wear face masks throughout the ceremony.

  • A student who is not feeling well or sick will have to be fetched by his parents or guardian.

  • For security measures, all persons entering the event venue shall be subjected to procedural inspection by the security officer on duty.

  • FIREARMS and/or DEADLY WEAPONS should be surrendered before entering the event venue.

  • Strictly no loitering and no littering at the Event Center.

E. Personal Belongings

  • Be mindful of your belongings. Don’t leave them anywhere.

  • Please do not allow your child to bring toys and electronic devices.

F. Food & Drinks

  • No food shall be allowed inside the Main Hall. We encourage you to take an early lunch.

G. Photography & Videography

  • You may take photos on your seats (no flash please). No one will be allowed to stand/sit near the stage.

  • We have official photographers who will cover the event.

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