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FAMILY GLOBAL GOALS ACTIVITY for the Month of December

Dear SD IMS Families,

Good day! As we are nearing the holiday season, we want to practice sustainability especially as we prepare for gatherings and gifts that we would be sharing with our loved ones.

As we continue to advocate for Sustainability and develop Global Changemakers, we would like to share some ideas on simple things that we could do in our homes to take part in a collective action of changing and healing the world through our efforts.

For this month of December, we are sharing ideas that you could do as a family that focuses on the 3rd Goal, Sustainable Cities and Communities, and the 12th Global Goal, Responsible Consumption, and Production:

  • Buy products from local stores

  • Shop in community bazaars

  • Buy from thrift stores

  • Reuse paper bags and gift boxes rather than buying gift bags or gift wrappers

  • Use reusable food containers rather than single-use tableware

Choose at least one action from the list above and don’t forget to take a photo as evidence and documentation. Please click HERE to submit your photo/s.

These activities can be completed during weekends. We have allocated Saturdays for FAMILY SUSTAINABILITY DAYS and THESE ARE COUNTED as part of our School Calendar Days.

All the best,


Program Director

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