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Health Advisory | December 07, 2023

Dear SDIMS Families, 

Happy Holidays!

As we prepare to celebrate with our families, loved ones and friends this season, we have some important announcements and reminders that concern the health and well being of everyone. Here at Studentdesk IMS, we work hand in hand with families, stakeholders and the whole community in making sure that everyone’s well being is prioritized. We have air purifiers in each classroom and there is a regular disinfection of classrooms, common areas and restrooms before and after classes and weekly general cleaning and disinfection on weekends. 

Due to the increasing number of cases of Covid-19 and flu-like symptoms as mentioned by the Department of Health (DOH), we are requiring everyone to wear face masks and STAY AT HOME if your child is experiencing flu-like symptoms. 

Likewise, there have been reports of several cases of Flu, Chicken Pox and Stomach Flu the past month; hence, we are reminding everyone to please be vigilant and mindful of others. If not feeling well or noted to have fever, please STAY HOME and wait until you are at least 24 hours fever-free without taking any fever-controlling medications before reporting back to school. Watch out for other signs and symptoms. Please consult your personal healthcare providers if your condition is persistent or worsening so that you can be managed properly. Please also secure a medical certificate that states that your child is fit to go to school.

Attached are some information that would tell you more about the specific illnesses. Thank you!

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