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Homework Packets - S2

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Here's the second batch of Homework Packets that we have prepared for your child.

In this new set of Homework Packets, our teachers have written a letter dedicated for our students, in hopes of encouraging them to stay resilient amid this health crisis that we are facing. We would also like to encourage our students to do the same for their classmates and teachers. They may write a note or make a card so they can express how they feel about the people that are dear to them.

Thank you so much for being one with us during this trying time. Please stay home, and be safe and healthy.

How It Works

  1. Click the link and save the homework packet to your computer.

  2. The document is password protected, we will send you the password via SMS.

  3. Print the downloaded homework packet. If you are unable to print, you may use a separate sheet and put the answers there.

  4. Study the lesson & work on the task/s.

  5. Submit Online.

Is It Graded?

  • Homework Packets for Kindergarten and Grade School pupils will be GRADED under Performance Task. This is not a replacement to our quarterly exam but it will be included in the computation of grade for the 4th quarter under Performance Task.

  • Homework Packets for Jr. Nursery and Sr. Nursery pupils are NON-GRADED but we encourage parents to ask their child/ren to work on this to reinforce the skills that they have learned in school. This will also provide teachers with an idea on how the students are progressing with the target skills to be developed through the assigned work.

Homework Packet

(Click the link below to download the file)

Recommended Resources For Families with Young Children

We are also listing other helpful resources that you can use to support your child's learning and development. We will continue to update this list as we find new resources.

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