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"Invest in our teachers, and our children will succeed." - Barack Obama

"Invest in our teachers, and our children will succeed." - Barack Obama

This quote encapsulates our belief on the importance of equipping and empowering our teachers through regular capacity building initiatives. Investing in teachers' professional development is like nurturing a garden. Just as tending to a garden with care results in blossoming flowers, investing in teachers yields successful students.

Guided by experienced mentors and experts, our teachers underwent a series of rigorous training and workshops the past days. They delved into various topics such as effective teaching and assessment strategies, creating an inclusive classroom, integrating sustainable development goals into their curriculum, reflective teaching, mathematics content and pedagogy, campus journalism, among others.

Through hands-on activities, reflective exercises, shared learning, and introspective discussions, the teachers emerged with a deeper understanding of their role as child champions.

They are inspired to welcome the new school year, ready to illuminate the path for the next generation of leaders and nation builders.

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