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Online Submission of Completed Homework Packet

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope you are all safe and are able to spend quality time with your family.

Given the uncertainty of our situation, instead of submitting your child's completed homework packet on the resumption of school (which is still indefinite), you may now submit via the ONLINE FORMS below.


1. Take a photo of your child's completed tasks using your mobile phone.

2. Sign in to your gmail or google account so you can access the online form.

3. Click the appropriate ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM below:

4. Fill-out the necessary information in the form (e.g., Name of Child & Grade Level).

5. Upload the photo/s per task (i.e., Task 1, Task 2, Task 3, etc.).

6. Click SUBMIT once you are done uploading the photo/s.

This is the last and final set of Homework Packets that we will send you for this school year. Please submit all completed Homework Packets (or whatever your child can complete) until April 15, 2020. Submissions beyond this date will not be included in the computation of grade anymore. Please understand that we also have deadlines to comply for DepEd’s requirements. Let us know if this is workable on your part.

A Storybook for Your Child's Emotional Well-being

Aside from ensuring that your child's academic progress continues at home, we would also like to make sure that your child's emotional well-being is taken cared of in this time of crisis. This book is about the closing of school and how it affects children's daily routine, activities, and feelings. We encourage you to read this storybook to your child so you can help process his/her feelings about COVID-19 and the sudden closure of school. If your child is feeling sad or anxious about our current situation, please assure him or her that everything will be okay soon.

Let us also remember that our kids are watching us and learning about how we respond to stress and uncertainty. Let’s take this situation as an opportunity to wire our children for resilience, not panic. #WeWillRiseTogether

Click the photo to download the e-book.

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