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Pointers for Review & Quarterly Assessment Guidelines | 2nd Quarter - Jan. 12 to 20, 2023

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

06 January 2023

Dear SD IMS Families,

Congratulations, we are almost approaching the end of the Second Quarter! Thank you for your continued support in our school activities and in your child’s education.

We are sharing with you the copy of our GUIDELINES FOR THE FACE-TO-FACE ASSESSMENT & EXAM prepared in accordance with DepEd Order No. 034 s. 2022. Please read the entire letter carefully and follow the instructions accordingly.

1. Follow our Health & Safety Protocols

  • ASSESS YOUR HEALTH CONDITION. Fill out our online Health Declaration Form before leaving the house. Just stay at home if you're not feeling well or are feeling any COVID-19 symptoms.

  • FOLLOW MANDATORY TEMPERATURE CHECKING Those who will have a reading of 37.5 degree Celsius and above will be sent home immediately.

  • WASH HANDS WITH SOAP. Proceed to our designated hand washing area, follow proper hand washing, and dry hands with clean towel.

  • WEAR MASK AT ALL TIMES. Remove it only when eating or drinking but never eat or drink while facing someone.

  • REPORT TO THE CLINIC IF UNWELL. Immediately report to the clinic if you are feeling unwell or have coughs, colds, or fever. Student will be isolated for observation and the parent or guardian will be notified immediately to pick up the student from school.

  • CLASSROOM DISINFECTION IS DONE REGULARLY. Each classroom is equipped with an air purifier and is regularly disinfected using UV Care Germ Guard which has UVC germicidal disinfection that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.


  • Please WEAR YOUR COMPLETE UNIFORM during the exam week.

2. Prepare Ahead

  • Please wake up early and make sure to eat your meals before your examination day.

  • Follow the schedule we provided on the Pointers for Review and Exam Schedule below.

  • Make sure to prepare the materials that you would need for your exams.

3. Exam Format

  • The 2nd Quarter Assessment & Exam shall be conducted face-to-face at their respective classroom.

  • Students will be taking their exams using the paper-and-pencil mode.

4. Exam Conduct

  • Students are expected to answer the exams independently. In case students would have questions, the teacher is present and will be attending to the students' concerns during the exams.

  • Cheating is a serious offense and any student who will be caught cheating shall undergo investigation and face corresponding disciplinary action.

5. Closed Book

  • Students are not allowed to access any resources like textbooks, modules, etc. during the exam.

6. Time Allotted

  • Exams must be completed in one sitting. Each exam has a specific amount of time allotted and a specific number of questions. Exams must be submitted within the time allotted before the exam timer expires.

7. Confidentiality

  • The exam is confidential. It cannot be copied, printed, saved, recorded, or reproduced in any manner, at any time. The exam questions and answers cannot be disclosed or disseminated to anyone before, during, or after the exam.

8. Pointers for Review & Exam Schedule

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Should you have any questions or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at or contact us at 09569304476(Globe or TM) / 09234505600 (Sun or Smart).

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