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Virtual Field Trip 2022


Virtual Field Trip

Dear SD IMS Families,

STUDENTDESK INTEGRATED MONTESSORI SCHOOL (SD IMS) invites you to participate in the Virtual Field Trip on April 29, 2022 (Friday) with the theme: "Understanding the Natural World Through Virtual Experience".

Virtual field trips enrich student learning in the following ways:

✅ Encourage students to think critically and apply the concepts learned in class to the real world.

✅ Enable students to explore from countless virtual field trips available online.

✅ Allow students to have a bird’s view of a location, to zoom in close, or view a 360-degree rotation of an area.

✅ Cater students of all learning styles.

✅ Students can instantly access the most current, diverse and detailed information from various points of view.

Click the photo below to see the schedule of activity of your child per grade level. Make sure to log in your child's KindrEd account to access the activity.

Lastly, please make sure to fill out ONLINE REPLY SLIP for us to know that you have read and understood the letter.

Should you have any questions or clarifications, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at or contact us at 09569304476(Globe or TM) / 09234505600 (Sun or Smart).

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