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Action Required: Stronger Together - Letter from the Executive Head

Updated: Feb 28

21 February 2024

Dear Parents, Families, and Guardians,

As the current school year draws to a close, we at Studentdesk Integrated Montessori School want to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your continued trust and partnership with us in your child's education. 

Looking ahead, we are pleased to announce several key updates for the remaining months of the current academic year and the upcoming school year 2024-2025. Please read the following carefully and be guided accordingly:

Important Enrollment Dates

  • Reservation Fee Deadline (Applicable to our Current Students only): February 28, 2024 ( )

  • Regular Enrollment Period: Ongoing until April 30, 2024

  • Late Enrollment Period: May 1, 2024 onwards (subject to availability)

For current students who are not yet enrolled, we encourage you to enroll as soon as possible to avoid the risk of losing a spot, as we have already opened slots for new, returning, and transferring student applicants.

Enrollment may be done online ( or onsite from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM.

Easy Steps to Enroll

Reservation of Slot and Validity

To reserve a slot for your child, please fill out this form and pay the reservation fee of P5,000 (five thousand pesos only) on or before February 28, 2024. Reservation fee is deductible from the tuition fee but non refundable.

Validity of Reservation: Please take note that reservation of slots is a privilege given only to our CURRENT students and are valid only within the Regular Enrolment Period or until April 30, 2024.

Awarding of Slots to New, Returnee, & Transferee Applicants

If a student is not officially enrolled by April 30, 2024, NEW students may vie for the unenrolled student’s slot starting May 1. The awarding of slots during the Late Enrolment Period will be on a first-enrolled, first-served basis. Please enroll by April 30, 2024 so we can secure your child’s slot in the upcoming school year.

Schedule of Year-End Ceremony

The Year-End Ceremony will be held on June 07, 2024 (Friday) at 2PM - 6PM at the main hall of Tanghalang Pasigueño. Further details of the event will be sent in a separate communication letter.

Tentative School Opening for S.Y. 2024 - 2025

The  target opening for the school year 2024-2025 is August 12, 2024 (Monday), marking a gradual return to the pre-pandemic calendar. This schedule is tentative and may be adjusted depending on further developments.

Adjustment in Class Schedule

In response to valuable feedback from our school community, particularly regarding concerns about traffic congestion and early mornings, we're pleased to announce an adjustment to the class schedule for the upcoming school year. 

Gradual Implementation of the MATATAG Curriculum

As per DepEd Memo 54, s. 2023, the MATATAG Curriculum will be implemented in phases to ensure a smooth and manageable transition for students, teachers, and families. The first phase will commence this coming school year 2024 - 2025 for Kinder, Grade 1, Grade 4, and Grade 7. The implementation will be expanded gradually to the remaining grade levels. This phasing allows for adjustments based on learnings from previous stages and ensures teachers receive necessary training before incorporating new grades. 

The MATATAG Curriculum streamlines content, focusing on mastery over quantity, to solidify foundational skills and foster essential 21st-century competencies. In collaboration with the Department of Education, we have been actively involved in rigorous training and resource acquisition for our dedicated faculty, empowering them to deliver the curriculum effectively.

Stronger Together: A Multi-stakeholder Approach to Education

I am also thrilled to share our guiding vision for this year: Stronger Together. This is not just a tagline but a call to action to move beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom, embracing a multi-stakeholder approach to education. We believe that true learning flourishes when students, teachers, parents, and the wider community including the government and private sectors join hands to co-create learning experiences and initiatives that benefit children.

Driven by innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement, we are excited to continue providing your child with a nurturing, purpose-driven, engaging, and transformative learning environment as we enter the upcoming school year. Rest assured that we are constantly seeking new ways to further enrich your child's educational journey.

This journey, however, wouldn't be possible without the invaluable partnership of each and every one of you. From the bottom of my heart, I am deeply honored by the privilege to collaborate with you on this shared endeavor. I eagerly anticipate the successes that await us in the new academic year, knowing that together, we can create a truly transformative learning experience for every child.

Your Partner In Education


Executive Head

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