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Music Class Upcoming Activities


Dear Students, Parents, & Guardians,

We are sharing with you the copy our Music Class Upcoming Activities.

STAY UPDATED! Visit for our latest bulletin and announcements. Make sure to follow us on instagram, facebook, and youtube: @studentdeskims


Let your child explore the world of music through our engaging Music Class. They can choose from voice, guitar, or piano lessons, tailored to their interests and skill level. Our experienced music teacher will guide them in learning basic techniques, reading sheet music, and playing melodies. Whether your child is a beginner or has some musical background, this class offers a fun and enriching musical experience.

Click the link below to register. Limited slots only. Location: Jenny's Ave., Rosario, Pasig City ______ ABOUT OUR SCHOOL A safe and happy community for your child's holistic growth and development. A small school with big dreams for the next generation of leaders and nation builders.

ENROLL NOW! Visit for details on enrollment process, requirements, and tuition fee.

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